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Clyde-Green Springs School District

Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Under this guiding ethos, our schools serve as vibrant hubs for academic rigor, fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, community, and lifelong learning for every student.

Clyde High School
1015 Race Street
Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: 419.547.9511

McPherson Middle School
4230 Limerick Road
Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: 419.547.9150

Green Springs Elementary
420 North Broadway Street
Green Springs, OH 44836
Phone: 419.547.4902

Clyde Elementary School
821 South Main Street Clyde, OH 43410
Phone: 419.547.9868

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Clyde-Green Springs Schools

17 hours 50 minutes ago

Check out the link to CHS Broadcast Journalism's latest broadcast!

Clyde-Green Springs Schools

21 hours 50 minutes ago

Here are a few upcoming events for CES!

Clyde-Green Springs Schools

1 day 14 hours ago

Please enjoy this Flash Back Friday from 1949!

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